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We Develop Using World Class Technologies

We make your trading experience smooth with our groundbreaking endowments.

Our innovative engineers have expertise in developing the powerful and robust platform which affords direct access to information, analysis and markets via world-class technology.

Backbone of Global Trading Network

GTN - Dark.png

Global Trading Network (GTN) is a ready made one-stop fully integrated trading solution with technology, content and brokerage services. This is provided as a service and includes all back end and front end trading tools & complete back office servicing and allows a broker to offer 70+ Global markets to their customers using a single platform with a minimum upfront investment.

Our Vision

"We see a world where anyone can invest in anything at anytime."

  • To be the best engineered, highly trusted, most comprehensive trading & wealth creation network in the world. 

  • Empower our partners to drive growth and unlock value for their end clients with superior trading and investment solutions. 

  • Maintain a team of passionate professionals with a client first focus delivering future-proof technology and solutions. 

  • Create a comprehensive, reliable and global ecosystem of partners across the entire trading and investment value chain. 

Our Mission

When I first came here, I was introduced to my new team where everyone was friendly. Regardless of team’s busy schedule, they were enthusiastic to help me with the difficulties I faced. In here we trust our team members’ ability to deliver the assigned work which promotes self-learning. We have flexible working hours and the teams have the opportunity to meet the CEO during the project reviews.


Maneesha Ratnadiwakara

Transaction Technologies  - Business Analyst

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