Transaction Technologies

We have designed the fastest, multi-instrument, multi-currency, multi-market platform with comprehensive risk analysis and portfolio management for both buy and sell-side brokerage operations.

Order Management System (Transaction Technologies) is the heart of our brokerage solution which handles complex interrelated real-time transactions. We have designed an innovative architecture using the latest technologies to position ourselves as a market leader in the brokerage business.



Alpha is the central component of Robo Advisory that covers Digital Wealth Management. This also monitors all inputs to cater investment decisions like customer risk profile, customer investment goals, asset manager investment preferences, and portfolio operations. Portfolio operations include creation, optimization, monitoring, and re-balancing. Order initiation for trading is also defined by Alpha, includes quantity and trade price.

Alpha is simply the asset management brain for all front-end products including Asset Manager Terminal, Customer Wealth App, Market Data, and OMS.


Price & Market Back-End

The market backend team is responsible for delivering robust and reliable server technologies that receive, process, enhance and disseminate time-sensitive real-time price information to client applications. The team also deals with acquiring, processing, unifying, and distributing large amounts of content information related to stocks and companies such as corporate actions, profile, and management information.

Web Technologies

Web Technologies is the Team responsible for the development and maintenance of our web framework (Rubix) and the products built on top of this. MTrade Plus is the flagship web client built on Rubix. It covers multiple asset classes, different order types, 70+ exchanges, and 1Mn+ tickers. Through a single code base, multiple screen sizes (Mobiles, Tablets, Web, and Desktop) and multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) are supported enabling higher market penetration.

Advanced analytical tools, low latency financial information, rich content, multiple theme support, and multiple language support also enhance the functionality, compatibility, and interoperability of our product.